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Hologram Technology Master Shooting System

Master shooting System has two type. One is 2D/3D mater shooting System, another is Dot-matrix master shooting System.

2D/3D mater shooting System
There're two type of 2D/3D master shooting. One way is to shoot master by H1 glass to make hologram text or image in background. Another way is to shoot master by hologram image maker facility directly.To shoot master by hologram image maker facility directly, all forground image and background image can be shooted in same way(no need to make H1 glass for background first). It's much easily way than to make background by H1 glass. Master shooted by hologram image maker facility also is much shining and clearn without noise wrinkle than the master shooted in another way, especially, on big rainbow area. To shoot master by hologram image maker facility, we need automatic position localization equipment to locate record glass position precisely. To shoot master by H1 for background, we have to control position platform manully.

Two different 2D/3D master shooting, we need two different position localization equipment, one is manul positioning equipment , another is automatic positioning equipment.

We have both type master shooting technology. To shoot master by hologram image maker facility is suggested because it's easier to learn and quality of master made is better.

He-Cd laser

This is the photo of He-Cd laser which is in my training room.

It's the breif image of He-Cd laser structure

Microprocessor-Controlled Automatic Position Localization Equipment for 2D/3D, kinetic movement, flip-flop, hidden text, floating effect.

Microprocessor-Controlled Automatic Positioning Equipment is 3D process machine who control the master shooting according to the pre-setting parameter. It can control position, distance and depth of hologram will be shooted and how long time glass will be exposed to laser beam when shooting.


1.Voltage std.:-220V,50HZ, Power consumption <150W
2.Processor:2*57BYG060, 86BYG450B
3.Shutter:DC24V/0.5A, AC220V/2A
4.Value: Horizontal Direction 0.01mm, Vertical Direction: 0.01mm, viewing depth: 0.01mm
5.Times: Horizontal Direction<600 times, Vertical Direction<600 times, viewing depth Direction 1 time
6.Scope: Horizontal Direction<200.00mm Vertical Direction<220.00mm viewing depth<80.00mm
7.Waiting time: Toff: 1-999 second
8.Exposure time: Ton: 1-999 second
9.speed: 0-9 adjustable


Optical Table


Load weight: 500~800 kg
Solid Frequency Horizontal Direction < 1~1.8HZ Vertical Direction < 1.1~1.8HZ
Maxinum anti-vibration value 1.1*10-3~ 3.5*10-3
Table Flat Smoothness: 0.10 mm/m2
Maxinum relative displacement: 0.22 nm~0.10 nm
L*W*H: 1800mm*1200mm*140mm
The weight of whole System will be 300 kg.

This is the photo of optical table and optics which is in my training room. The main facility on top side of photo is Microprocessor-Controlled Automatic Position Localization Equipment

The laser beam splitter seperate one beam into two beam

2D/3D Hologram Technology Master shooting System includes shooting system platform£¬Microprocessor-Controlled Automatic Position Localization Equipment£¬He-Cd laser and laser power; kinds of optics£¬kinds of chemicals for developing, fixing, bleaching glass, silvering hologram glass£¬other equipemnts
Step 1. shoot master directly by hologram image maker facility or shooting H1 glass, shooting background, shooting 2D
Step 2. Silvering hologram glass



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